Color Matters

One of the things that always inspire me is color. I love to see bold use of color in a space. Some people are afraid of color and shy away from using it, or they want to stay with a safe, nondescript palette in their room. I say NO.  Color evokes emotion.  It gives off energy and makes you react to the space you are in. It can make you feel, calm, relaxed, energized, hungry, angry, happy, silly or just plain in awe.  By making your space more interesting and dramatic, it becomes conversation piece.  I have had an orange dining room for many years and almost everyone comments on how much they love it. Warm colors also increase your appetite.  That is why many fast food restaurants logos are comprised of warm colors.

Start with a small space, such as a powder room, and be bold. Select a color that you love and have been afraid to try or a trendy color. You can always change it. Benjamin Moore paints sell small vials for a few dollars, so you can test some of your favorites. There are so many colors to choose from, it can be intimidating. One of our projects, The Venue at Warner Center, we selected a lime green as our main color in the lobby.

You can always hire a designer for a paint consultation to aid in the selection. That is what we do. Remember, be bold!!!